Customized production

MBN: the perfect partner for the solution of technological problems

In collaboration with customers, MBN Nanomaterialia can perform research and development activities of new products, or simple activities of modification/personalization of existing products.

The distinctiveness of MBN is to guide clients step by step through the development of products and to offer the possibility to cooperate quickly and efficaciously.

Thanks to the availability of knowledge, investigation capabilities and own particular technology, MBN is the ideal partner to answer to technological problems, especially where performance improvement or substitution of obsolete materials are requested.

MBN technology is particularly indicated for the development of functionalized materials, like:

  • materials for coatings with anti-wear/ lubricant functions
  • materials for the production of reinforced metal matrixes and composites
  • modified materials to favour the storage and the release of energy
  • engineered polymer-based materials