Iron/Copper/Phosphorus powders

Immagine Serie is a new series of pre-alloyed powder ready and easy to use. In these products each one powder particle contains all elements finely and stable dispersed inside of itself (up to nanoscale). The fine crystal size distribution leads to improved hardness and cutting ability respect to other commercial products.

Products of series are able to sinter at about 700°C (classical sintering) and to freely sinter – that means without applying pressure - at 920°-960°C.” products are supplied both in their basic form (to produce generic diamond tools), and in their self-brazing “sbN” or “sbR” versions (to produce diamond wire beads).

The wording “sbN” and “sbR”, identifies two different self-brazing principles that concur to promote, even though with different modalities, the strong adhesion of bead to the steel pin, thus avoiding the use of usual small rings in melting phases. Silver is absent in those formulations, with a clear advantage in terms of lower cost.

Product codeNominal Composition (%w)Frequent Application Sectors
S171FeCu18Sn2P2Cutting sectors- diamond wire beads
S172FeCu16Sn4P2Cutting sectors- diamond wire beads
S175FeCu32Sn8P2Diamond wire beads