Nanocomp project

New production platform for the Italian textile-plastic field based on nano composite polymers

Img Nanocomp project

The Nanocomp project has allowed to develop a new production methodology that, starting from the origin at molecular level to the ended product, would permit the control of performance and functions of textiles and plastics.
The synthesis of precursors on nanometric scale were developed by means of chemical and mechano-chemical processes while, as concerns forming technologies of products on macro-scale, suitable polymerization processes, injection and thermoplastic spinning were studied and developed.
The project activity has allowed to achieve relevant results as concerns:

  • The development of polymer based nanocomposites with improved mechanical properties;
  • The development of synthetic fibers with relevant thermo-electrical conductivity to realize special technical textile (cloth industry, furniture)
  • The achievement of meaningful characteristics of fire retardancy


The project has been conducted at national level from the following subjects:

  1. MBN Nanomaterialia SpA
  2. Aquafil SpA
  3. University of Venice
  4. University of Florence
  5. CSGI

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