Newbone project

Development of load-bearing fibre reinforced composite based non-metallic biomimetic bone implants

Img Newbone project

The Newbone project has allowed to develop reinforced polymer-based composite, for surgical applications concerning bone prosthesis.
Those materials are addressed to the production both of non-resorbable prosthesis (aimed to recover/stabilize big bone defects) and resorbable medical devices (aimed to the recovery of knee and shoulder ligaments).
Furthermore, the research activity permitted the study and development of new technologies for the complete or partial substitution of hip, knee and backbone articulations.


  1. Medacta International SA, Switzerland
  2. ConMed Linvatec Biomaterials, Finland
  3. AcasiaTrade Ltd Oy, Finland
  4. CSEM, Switserland
  5. AIN, Spain
  6. University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
  7. University College of Boras, Sweden
  8. University of Trieste, Italy
  9. University of Turku, Finland
  10. INGEO snc, Italy
  11. Integra, Italy
  12. Materialia srl, Italy
  13. NanoBioMatters S.L,. Spain
  14. FALEX Tribology NV, Belgium
  15. Pyrogenesis S.A., Greece
  16. Rescoll Technological Center, France

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