MF-Retrofit Project

MF-Retrofit – Multifunctional facades of reduced thickness for fast and cost-effective retrofitting

Img MF-Retrofit Project

MF-Retrofit project aims to deal with the numerous requirements of façade retrofitting by developing a light-weight durable, cost effective and high performance panel. Its layered structure will allow synergistic function regarding high thermal and acoustic insulation, excellent mechanical properties, up to standards flame retardancy and photocatalytic activity. Employing nanofillers such as CNTs, TiO2, perlite nanoparticles and cellular nanofibers, will lead the reduction of façade panel weight and thickness. Furthermore, individual components have an environmental orientation, taking advantage of recycled materials and biomasses, low energy and low toxicity processes. 

The project advancements will include:
1. Customization possibilities, tuning panel thickness and integrating encapsulated nano-PCMs, along the climate needs of customer;
2. Easy and fast to install: it is calculated that 10 m2 can be installed in less than 3 hours by 2 workers;
3. High acoustic and thermal insulation: inner layers will include ultra-light aerogel boasting thermal coefficients lower than 0.012 W/mK, allowing insulating layers 3 to 4 times thinner than conventional ones;
4. A photocatalytic surface coating with self-cleaning and antimicrobial behaviour;
5. Reduction of weight and volume by 40%, as a result of applying polymeric and light-weight materials reinforced by nanofillers, therefore improving the panel mechanical properties.

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