Our research network of collaboration on different industrial sectors

MBN answers to the competitive challenges of our time, through a working approach that allows to reduce the time for technological research novelty to enter into the market. This needs a continuous commitment pertaining the research and development of new materials having improved performance, and progresses on productive processes.

In this framework MBN, both avails itself of suitable scientifical and technological knowledge and takes advantage from an European network of relations and collaborations.

Through the capability of coordinating and participating to research and development projects synergically with industry, university and affirmed research centers, MBN has begun a series of research collaborations on many industrial sectors, aimed to the development of:

  • Metal-based nanostructured alloys and composites (mechanical sector)
  • Nanostructured materials with high mechanical and wear resistance (aeronautic sector)
  • Reactive materials for cold projection technologies (surface engineering)
  • New polymer-based nanocomposites (textiles, varnishes)
  • Nanostructured metal powders for direct laser sintering (Rapid Manufacturing - SLM)
  • Polymer-based nanocomposites for Selective Laser Sintering with improved properties
  • Materials for solid storage of hydrogen/energy

The company, through its President, is chairing the European Platform of Nanotechnology (Nanofutures).