The MBN technology, based on the High Energy ball milling, allows to produce materials distinguished by a fine and homogeneous chemical distribution of elements and an "ultrafine" crystalline structure (that can reach the nanometric size), inducing the interaction of phases and the modification of physical-mechanical properties within the materials. The combination of these effects leads to the improvement of products performance and the production of materials with unusual properties.

Moreover, MBN technology is able to mix many different materials, even naturally incompatible ones, up to very small dimensional scales.

The typical output of this kind of process is represented by stable and aggregated powders, having particle dimensions similar to the common ones available in powder metallurgy (that is around tens/hundreds of microns).

For this reason, MBN powders allow to produce nano-technological and innovative products in a completely safe way, through usual sintering and forming processes, avoiding dangerous working stages like handling of free sub-micron/nanometric particles.